Trivia In Your Venue

Use our software for a Big Screen Trivia or Pub Quiz Experience where a wide variety of questions are displayed through your venues screens.

Bring people to your venue with Live Trivia

Teams use either our Game Show style Dome Buzzers or there Mobile Phones to answers questions.

Team scores are instantaneously calculated, and live scoreboards can be displayed at the touch of a button.

There are multiple questions styles where a quiz consists of a mix of Video, Audio, Picture, Multiple Choice, First In, Virtual Races, Who Am I’s plus more!

Our quizzes usually consist of a mix of 80 questions lasting around 2 hours.

Hardware Buzzers

Take your Trivia Nights to the next level with either our Game Show Wireless Buzzers. Multiple choice answers + first in buzz!

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Mobile Phone Buzzers

Teams can easily use their mobile pohone to play with the options of multiple choice answers and first in questions. Teams are provided a link by the host where teams they can easily join a game.

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Advantages over paper based Trivia

- Game show feel
- No more paper & pens
- More questions
- More varied question types
- Instantaneous scoreboards
- Addition of Audio-Visual questions for a better player experience

What we provide

We provide easy to use web based modern software which allows you to be up and runnning in seconds.

We provide weekly up to date general knowledge quizzes that we publish each week aswell as a large selection of themed quizzes.

If using mobile buzzers we provide a registration system for your teams

If using our game show hardware buzzers these need to be purchased first, we will provide simples steps to get them up and running in no time.

What do you need to provide

You provide the laptop, an internet connection, the big screen and the host

Please note our mobile buzzers work with boh MacOS and Windows while our game show hardware buzzers only currently work with Windows 8, 10 or 11

It's as simple as that!

Try our software and run a full quiz for FREE!

Once registered and logged in, just click on one of our free demo quizzes and click start! It's that easy!