Trivia In Your Venue

Take your trivia nights to the next level!

Run trivia quizzes instantly anytime anywhere and cheaply in your venue straight out of your browser in a matter of seconds! (No PowerPoint and no downloading)

Bring people to your venue with Live Trivia

Trivia nights are a proven method to attract repeat customers on a weekly basis. Trivia players make for a loyal bunch, especially when it is an exciting interactive trivia run by an entertaining host. Once you have a good event running in your venue, you’re going to see the majority of the same faces every week and not only that, you will see them on non-trivia nights once they see what else your venue can offer.

You have three options on how teams can answer, traditional pen & paper, our mobile phone buzzers or our awesome game show buzzes shown below.

Team scores are instantaneously calculated, and live scoreboards can be displayed at the touch of a button.

There are multiple questions styles where a quiz consists of a mix of Video, Audio, Picture, Multiple Choice, First In, Virtual Races, Spot The Diference, Who Am I’s plus more!

Our quizzes consist of a mix of 80 questions lasting around 2 hours.

Check out a few of our videos from venues who use our game show buzzers!

We recommend our Game Show Trivia Buzzers

Each team receive their own buzzer where the top button is used for first in questions and A-D is for multiple choice questions. They also light up and buzz like crazy!

More Details

What we provide

Easy to use web based modern software which allows you to be up and runnning in seconds.

A big screen quiz presentation for players to see and play along

Weekly up to date general knowledge quizzes that we publish each week aswell as a large selection of themed quizzes.

Printable Answer sheets for your host

A virtual host remote to control the quiz presentation, just scan a QR code and your good to go!

If using traditional Pen & Paper we provide Team Score Sheets to download, both in PDF and DOCX if you want to edit to add your venue logos

If using mobile buzzers or our game show buzzers we provide a registration system for your teams

Yes you can modify your logos and add promotions to be shown in the quiz!

What do you need to provide

You provide the laptop, an internet connection, the big screen and the host!

Please note our mobile buzzers work with boh MacOS and Windows while our game show buzzers only currently work with Windows 8, 10 or 11

It's as simple as that!

Try our software and run a full quiz for FREE!

Once registered and logged in, just click on one of our free demo quizzes and click start! It's that easy!


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