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Run a Trivia Quiz out of your browser right now to share over Zoom or in a live venue and allow teams to play via score sheets, mobile phone buzzers or our unique hardware buzzers.

How easy is it to run an event?

Running a Trivia Night has never been easier. You can be up and running in seconds! It's really that easy.

Select Event Type

Select how your teams will enter their answers. Score Sheets, Mobile Phone Buzzers or our unique Hardware Buzzers.

Select Quiz

Select your quiz from our available quizzess or a quiz you have made!

Make Payment

Enter in your payment details.

Ready to go!

The quiz presentation is shown in your browser for you to control and customize. If using mobile phone buzzers simply give the link shown to players.

How do teams enter their answers?

When setting up your event, you can choose to use 1 of 3 options to allow teams to enter their responses.

Score Sheets

Teams can use score sheets to record their responses. This can be done with teams online where the team self scores or in a live venue where the host keep scores.

Mobile Phone Buzzers

Teams can use their mobile phones to enter in their responses. This can be done with teams online or teams in a live venue.

Hardware Buzzers

We offer unique dome, game show style buzzers that can be purchased seperatly for the ultimate live trivia experience.


Use our premade quizzes or create your own with our quiz builder.

We support customers worldwide but we are based in Australia and our quizzes are currently targeted at an Australian audience. This does not apply to themed quizzes with a specific topic such as Disney, Star Wars etc

Create Your Quiz

You can use our quiz builder to create your own quiz, you can also store an unlimited amount of questions.

Weekly Quizzes

We add multiple quizzes every week with a minimum of 80 questions containing a mix of multiple choice, first in, text, audio and video questions. We recommend using the recent quizzes as you go as we do include current events.

Themed Quizzes

We have multiple themes and also cover all the big holidays, Christmas, Halloween, Valetine's Day, St Patricks Day, Oktoberfest, Australia Day + More!

Check out our demo images

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Multiple Choice

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Multiple Choice Questions with Images

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Multiple Choice Questions with Video and Video Answers

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First In

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First In Who Am I Questions with Text Hints

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First In Questions
with Images

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First In Questions with Text Descriptions

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Live Scoreboards

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