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Make money running trivia events in bars, pubs, clubs or any where you think it will work!

Easily Run Your Own Trivia Business

Most live trivia events you see running are invoiced to the venue at an agreed rate between a 3rd party trivia provider (this could be your business!).

Use our software and either our game show style hardware buzzers or mobile phone buzzers to run trivia events any where in the world.

It's not just nightly events in venues you can run! Run corporate events, birthday parties, christmas parties and any other type of event you can think of and again charge a fee you think is fair.

We charge a fee per event run which includes the quiz though we do offer a reduced rate if you choose to write your own quizzes.

Hardware Buzzers

For running in live venues we highly recommend you choose our Game Show Wireless Buzzers. They offer Multiple choice answers, first in buzz, very durable, lights up and has sound and offer the best trivia experience on the market.

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Mobile Phone Buzzers

Mobile Phone buzzers also work great in venues and offer a cost effective solution to get a trivia event up and running in seconds.

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What we provide

Easy to use web based modern software which allows you to be up and runnning in seconds.

Weekly up to date general knowledge quizzes that we publish each week aswell as a large selection of themed quizzes.

If using mobile buzzers we provide an online registration system for your teams. Please note our mobile buzzers work with boh MacOS and Windows.

If using our game show hardware buzzers these need to be purchased first, we will provide simples steps to get them up and running in no time. Please note our game show hardware buzzers only currently work with Windows 8, 10 or 11. You will need an available USB-A port to plug the hardware buzzer's receiver into, this than wirelessly connects to each buzzer.

Administration tools including options to manage your venues, events and to assign access to staff

Options to customize our trivia presentation with your logos and promotions

Pricing & Getting Started

If you already have a successful Trivia business and using out dated software or still stuck on pen and paper, contact us to discuss how you can make the switch to us and take your trivia events to the next level. Simply give us some details about your current business and we will contact you to discuss pricing and further details.

If you are just getting started and wanting to launch a trivia business give us a little information about yourself and we will get straight back to you with pricing and further details.

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