Host Trivia in your Venue!

Are you ready to draw customers to your venue through the fun and excitement of playing in the most exciting trivia events?

VenueTrivia provides the software, hardware buzzers and the optional quizzes that you can use to make your Trivia Night the most attractive in town. All you need to provide is the host.

Teams use Game Show style Dome Buzzers or Remote Controllers to answers questions. Team scores are instantaneously calculated, and live scoreboards can be displayed at the touch of a button. There are multiple questions styles where a quiz can be any mix of Video / Audio / Picture / Multiple Choice / Speed Rounds / Activity Rounds / Virtual Races / Who Am I’s / etc

Increase Venue Revenue

Offering a Trivia Night is a proven way to increase venue revenue by attracting more customers into your venue! They are especially a great fit on nights your not normally to busy.

Attract Repeating Customers

Use Trivia to attract repearing customers into your venue every week. Trivia Teams and Players are known to be loyal, once you have a good event running in your venue, your going to see the majority of the same faces every week and not only that you will see them on additional nights after they have seenw hat else your venue can offer.

Advantages over Paper based Trivia

- Game show feel
- No more paper & pens
- More questions
- More varied question types
- Instantaneous scoreboards
- Addition of Audio-Visual questions for a better player experience

Demo our software

Try our software for free! Contact us now and let us know a little bit about yourself or your business and we will send you account details where you can login and evaluate our system.

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