Mobile Phone Trivia Buzzers

Take your Trivia Nights to the next level using your mobile phone as the buzzer.

Mobile Phone Buzzers

Teams can easily use their mobile pohone to play with the options of multiple choice answers and first in questions. Teams are provided a link by the host where teams they can easily join a game.

Works great in either a live or offline environment. Running on zoom we recommend you have a device to view the events host and quiz presentation and teams use their mobile phones to enter answers. Running in a live venue we recommend a big screen where players can watch along with the quiz and use their mobiles to submit answers.

Team Features:

  • A to D Multiple Choice Buttons
  • First In Text Choice
  • Portrait or Landscape

Host Scoring:

  • Mulitple Choice questions are marked automatically
  • First In questions are marked correct or inccorrect by the host
  • Leaderboards are calculated automatically

The host can contorl the presentation in multiple ways including keyboard shortcuts, their mobile phone as a remote or a hardware host remote can be purchased separately.

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